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First Look on Israeli Cinema: 6 Israeli films in post-production at Locarno

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For its fifth edition, the Festival del film Locarno’s First Look initiative (8 – 10 August) turns the spotlight on Israeli cinema. Thanks to a partnership with the Israel Film Fund, this year's First Look will present 6 films in post-production chosen by the Festival del film Locarno.

The selected films are:

  • A QUIET HEART (Lev Shaket) by Eitan Anner, produced by Gal Greenspan (GreenProductions)
  • EWA by Haim Tabakman, produced by David Silber (Metro Communication) and Ronen Ben Tal (Plan B)
  • HOPE (Amal) by Miya Hatav, produced by Elad Peleg and Haggai Arad (Daroma Productions)
  • OUR FATHER (Avinu) by Meni Yaesh, produced by Marek Rozenbaum (Transfax Films Production)
  • SAND STORM (Sufat Chol) by Elite Texer, produced by Haim Mecklberg and Estee Mecklberg (2-Team Productions)
  • THE 90 MINUTE WAR (Milhemet 90 Hadakot) by Eyal Halfon, produced by Assaf Amir (Norma Productions) and Steve Hudson (Gringo Films GmbH)

The work in progresses will be accessible to industry badge holders only and before each screening the producers and directors will introduce their film to the various international sales agents, funders, distributors and festival programmers attending.

Nadia Dresti, Delegate to the Artistic Direction and Head of International: “From the success Eran Riklis had on the Piazza Grande with The Syrian Bride, The Human Resources Manager and Dancing Arabs, to the revelation of Nadav Lapid’s talent with the short film Kvish (2006) and then Hashoter selected for the 2010 Concorso internazionale, the relationship forged between the Festival del film Locarno and Israeli cinema has proved increasingly productive.
We are honored to welcome the producers of some of these films among the others, and we are confident that the work in progress we selected for the First Look on Israeli Cinema will awake the interest of the sales agents attending the Industry Days

On 10 August, the jury, comprised of Karel Och (Karlovy Vary International Film Festival’s Artistic Director), John Nein (Sundance Film Festival’s Programming Director) and Soue-won Rhee (Busan International Film Festival’s programmer) will be handing out an award worth 60,000 euros in picture post-production services, sponsored by Rotor Film, as well as an award worth 5,500 euros in advertising, donated by Le Film Français.

The producers will also access a special matchmaking service provided by First Look Project Manager, Markus Duffner.

Previous editions of First Look focused on Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Brazil.

“The experience of First Look was one of the best we had in seven years of activities. Great atmosphere, great professionals of the industry and perfect organization!”
André Sturm, Chairman of Cinema do Brasil

“First Look was for CinemaChile a very important event for the development of the Chilean director's international relations.”
Constanza Arena, Executive Director of CinemaChile

“Mexican Cinema has always had a significant place in Locarno and the possibility to strengthen the ties with Locarno Industry Days is exciting.”
Jorge Sanchez, Director of IMCINE


In light of some of the reactions that this year’s edition has provoked, the Festival has decided to change the name of the initiative, re-naming it “First Look”, as the previously used “Carte Blanche” did not reflect accurately enough the way in which the project is organized and gave rise to misinterpretations.

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