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The Festival del film Locarno lasts only eleven days, but there are many professionals involved in the event who love to follow the evolution of the movies and the directors who are taking part to one of its sections. One of the most interested ones is certainly Alessandro Marcionni, head of the Pardi di domani section since 2009. “In some way, the edition of the last year represents what the Festival is trying to do in the last 25 years with this section: identifying young authors who can take advantage of our event as a springboard for their future careers”.

The list of talented directors met (and selected) in 2014 is long. “Martin Edralin’s short movie Hole has collected more than 40 selections to international festivals and about ten awards, including the Clermont-Ferrand festival Grand Prix. Similarly, Piotr ZlotorowiczMatka Ziemia, Masha Kondakova’s Lystopad and Mauro Carraro’s Aubade, among others, have been able to distinguish themselves worldwide after their Locarnese premieres”.

Working in the field of short movies means also to help directors to take confidence with cinema, sometimes driving them to the world of full-length films. “And we have been very happy – Marcionni says – to discover that two of the directors we selected the last year were able to direct their debut movies: Morgan Knibbe with Those Who Feel the Fire Burning which took part to the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam and Andrew Cividino with Sleeping Giant, a project based and developed from the short movie presented in Locarno which was screened in Cannes for the Semaine de la Critique section”.

Also this year, the hopes about the directors invited to the international and national selections are high. “In all the movies we selected – the head of the section admits – I can see a spirit, a common soul. They seem to feel the need to tell the reality around them, it does not matter whether it is connected to current events or their more intimate being. A trend which generated touching and honest movies, directed by young and brave directors – even if young”.

Moreover, the only Ticinese directors taking part to the Festival del film Locarno are registered in this section, yearning for the Pardino d’oro. “Yes, this year two Ticinese directors will present their short movies in our national contest. On the one hand Eleonora Marinoni (co-director with Elice Meng, from France) will introduce the animation movie D’ombres et d’ailes a visually outstanding work. On the other hand, Caterina Mona will drive the audience along an intimate, dramatic and moving trip within her short movie Persi. We are sure they will represent the Canton of Ticino with pride, showing the world how much talent there is in our region and the attention paid by the Festival to it”.

Marcionni and his team have also the important task to motivate a bunch of young authors who are living their first experience in a big movie festival. “The participation to an event like ours is exciting for everybody – from the more unexperienced guys to the Hollywood directors. My advise is: Take profit of this experience: you are not here only for presenting your movie, but for finding a meeting, dialogue and exchange place and starting your future career in the world of cinema”.

Mattia Bertoldi

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