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Open Microphone of Brat Dejan (Brother Dejan)

Brat Dejan, Concorso internazionale. From left Bakur Bakuradze director and Marko Nicolic actor Films: Brat Dejan


Brat Dejan - Bakur Bakuradze


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Bakur Bakuradze, director

“Fight and the individual destiny is what I was interested in, similar to how it's shown in the Greek mythology. I also tried to deal with the issue of guilt and it seems clear to me, that the main character is troubled. He’s an old man, he doesn’t eat, he is suffering. But I didn't try to put any judgment on the character because of the war.” 

“I didn’t want to portray these people, who helped the main character, as saints. I wanted to show the risk of these people to hide this man. They thought it was an injustice trying to capture him.” 

“When I saw Ratko Mladić on the Internet, it revealed me some unexpected side of his personality which could be described in a film. I started reading information about him – I learned the daily events of his life. I wanted to show potential outcomes of his story. And we fallowed this character’s destiny.”

Kim Schelbert

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