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Open Microphone – O Futebol

From left, Sergio Oksman director, Guadalupe Balaguer Trelles producer and Carlos Mugurio wreiter


Sergio Oksman, director

“When I met my father in 2013, we talked about everything we had to talk about after 20 years of not talking. All the time my father and I were talking about football - football was a way to be together because this was our common memory, so the idea was to go back to Brazil and to spend time together. The film is not about an encounter, but it stems from an encounter. It was an opportunity for us to spend time to spend time together, waste time together.”

“In a way we use tools of fiction, but we don’t fictionalize - it’s not the same. Things happen, we try to control a lot, we tried to write all the dialogue, but it didn’t work my father was always escaping it. But we didn’t fictionalize.”

Carlos Mugiro, writer

“I must confess that I do not know what is real. We are surrounded by fiction. Even this press conference is fiction. We think that the real is somewhere hidden under the visible. We work in fiction because we want to reach the real.”

Justine Smith
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