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Open Microphone – The Sky Trembles and the Earth Is Afraid and the Two Eyes Are Not Brothers

From left Ben Rivers director and Jacqui Davies producer



Ben Rivers, director

“This was shot on super 16 – so there’s more grain, more movement in the image, it’s something I like. That movement just adds another life to the image, and sort of helps to merge this whole landscape of Morocco into the cinema. It is a kind of dirt: The dust and the grain fit together nicely.”

“I don’t have a life in London and then go and work on a film. They’re all so integrated. One of the important things for me about working on a film, it’s a way of seeing the world, it’s a way of getting to places without being a tourist, it’s a way of making relationships with people and it’s an adventure. And that’s as important to me as this final product.”

“People are very accustom now to seeing 2K images on DCP. The image is very flat, sharp and I’m a little resistant to that sharpness, that cleanness because I don’t see the world like that, I see it as a dirtier place.” 

Justine Smith

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