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Following Alex Dorici's Tape

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A good thing about an event like the Festival del film Locarno is that one can discover both emerging and established artists at every level, from the international to the local scene. This is also the case for all other initiatives being promoted during the Festival’s eleven days. This is particularly demonstrated by the Bally Cultural Foundation which is celebrating their 2014 Artist, Alex Dorici.

Born in Lugano in 1979, Alex is a conceptual artist who looks for local spaces in order to create installations made out of unconventional materials, such as paper boxes, ropes, tapes and pipes. He studied in Italy, Switzerland, and France, but Ticino is his home and represents his preimere territorial choice. In June 2015 for example, he won a contest to create the wall decoration in the atrium of the New Pregassona Elementary School near Lugano. Check out more information at: www.alexdorici.ch.

In the last days Alex has showed his ability in via alla Ramogna, a street known for being covered by Bally Foundation totems during the Festival period. “I was permitted to work in this urban space – the Ticinese artist says – and to leave my mark in Locarno; I have used tapes, for a technique called “scotch drawing” that I am normally using on glass and shop windows”.

This artistic intervention took several days. “I wanted to start an interactive dialogue with the public soil, spending some days in via alla Ramogna to really live that street, starting to feel it and getting ready to interact with it, by day or by night – it didn't matter. The result was a sort of “work in progress” I hope the Festival audience enjoyed”.

We were talking about new artists, right? If you are a Ticinese artist between the ages of 21 and 55, do not hestitate - the Bally Cultural Foundation is looking for you as its 2015 Artist. Deadline is December 2015. You can apply at www.fondazionebally.ch.

Mattia Bertoldi

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