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Lost Highway

Histoire(s) du cinéma: Excellence Award Moët & Chandon Bill Pullman

Lost Highway


© Suzanne Tenner


It's almost twenty years, but Lost Highway is a movie that yet has to be shot. Because just like every David Lynch feature is in the future, a piece of art that lives in its own time. And time and space are the passwords that reveal a brand new world built across dimensions and genres, a dreamlike noir that turns itself in an existensialist escape from a useless reality. Lost Highway is Lynch's cinematic coming out, revealing for good an artist totally indifferent to the conventions of classic storytelling, losing his characters in a world of crossroads and detours.

Bill Pullman is the anti-hero of this fantasy hard-boiled, undressing the suite of Independence Day's President Thomas J. Whitmore and gambling on his own career with the most dangerous roll of dices. Pullman was the perfect Fred Madison for David Lynch, an actor that didn't want to travel on a safety path anymore, looking for something that made people forget a very near past in the fastest possible way.

And he won the gamble, subverting the rules of Hollywood teaming up with a genius. Lost Highway is a turning point of no return, movies have never been the same after that, it's the Breathless of modern making movies, a jazz symphony just like Lift to the Scaffold.

Mr. Pullman is part of this revolution, he chose his own Independence Day from Hollywood, he set him free on the Lost Highway.


Alessandro De Simone

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