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Swatch Awarding First Feature Films

Opera Prima

Nele Wohlatz (El futuro perfecto)


Maud Alpi (Gorge Cœur Ventre)


Eduardo Williams (El auge del humano)


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Thanks to its wristwatches, Swatch is one of the most important symbols of Swissness around the world, but at the Festival del film Locarno it also gives its name to two awards given to the two best first feature films.

Proudly supporting our event, the Swiss brand awarded the charming, bilingual coming-of-age film El futuro perfecto (directed by Nele Wohlatz, from the Concorso Cineasti del presente) with the Swatch First Feature Award, of the value of 15,000 CHF to be shared equally between the director and the producers (Ms Wohlatz herself and Cecilia Salim). A deserved prize, with additional credit due to the young actress Zhang Xiaobin.

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award, instead, goes to Maud Alpi, for Gorge Cœur Ventre (Concorso Cineasti del presente), a haunting portrait of animals and death which, as per its title, punches the viewer in the gut. The French director won a 3-to-6-month residency in the Shanghai hotel of the same name.

Special mention for another film coming from the same competition: El auge del humano (directed by Eduardo Williams), winner of the Pardo d’oro Cineasti del presente – Premio Nescens. A crowning achievement for a visionary, eerily beautiful journey spanning Argentina, Mozambique and the Philippines. 


Mattia Bertoldi

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