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Premio SUISA 2016


The FONDATION SUISA has chosen once again the Festival del film Locarno for awarding a Swiss music composer with the Film Music Prize, which is worth CHF 25,000. This year the foundation for music promotion of the Cooperative Society of Music Authours and Publishers has selected Niki Reiser for his original music for the film Heidi (2015); the Basler composer will receive the prize on Sunday, August 7 in Locarno.

Reiser did not tremble when he was asked to write music for Alain Gsponer's movie, dedicated to the girl created by Johanna Spyri – one of the most iconic characters in Switzerland and over the world. He had already scored Markus Imboden's Heidi in 2001 and he was aware of how important could be avoiding clichés that Swiss mountains and locations can suggest. He ignored then Swiss melodiusness and chose to focus on the main character's emotional sphere. According to the jury, it was the right choice because Reiser was able to transform the film into “a feast for the eyes and ears, touching people's hearts”.

For Reiser this is the third Film Music Prize of FONDATION SUISA he earns, following the ones won for Kalt ist der Abendhauch (2001, directed by Rainer Kaufmann) and Das Blaue vom Himmel (2011, directed by Hans Steinbichler). An outstanding hat-trick.

Mattia Bertoldi

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