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Be Part of Our Dream

Be Part of Our Dream



Every year there are hundreds of cinephiles who are waiting for the month of August to attend the Festival del film Locarno. They have got closer to Festival people and venues, and probably fell in love with an historical place like the Cinema ExRex (close to Piazza Grande) which counts almost 500 seats and turned 50 this year, even if it stopped to be a public movie theatre in 2007. Since then, it reopened just for the eleven days of our kermesse. Festival del film Locarno and the Leopard Club (our Patrons Club, which collected CHF 800,000) did not want to give up on it, this is why we decided to save it from becoming an apartment complex.

Among all the Festival-goers, we are sure there are many who would like to be involved in saving such a beautiful place from the slow decay of time. Now, you have your chance. Festival del film Locarno is going to transform the Cinema ExRex into the GranRex, not a movie theatre but a new venue where building up the next generations' love for cinema through screenings, conferences, events and meetings all along the year.

We have the project, we have a plan, we have a first lease agreement until 2031 and renovation works will start in Autumn 2016. But we still need you. For CHF 500 everyone can become a seat patron and personalize a chair with his/her name, or buy a seat of two Ex*Rex vintage theater armchairs. And for CHF 3'000 it is possible to become a GranRex Patron of the Auditorium Leopard Club and your name will be recorded permanently on the patrons wall in the foyer of the reborn cinema. Festival del film Locarno wants you. Be part of our dream. Come to see how at www.granrex.ch.

Mattia Bertoldi

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