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Highlights – 2 | 8 | 2017

Highlights – 2 | 8 | 2017



1. Almost the same age, at ease in front of or behind the camera, these actor-filmmakers are able to deliver any film. Noémie Lvovsky and Mathieu Amalric were brother and sister in Desplechin’s Rois et reine, and now they are two separated parents in the moving story that raises the curtain on Piazza Grande.

2. Welcome to the Tourneur universe, in which the visionary is applied to genre. First the horror of The Leopard Man, then the noir masterpiece that is Out of the Past, which redraws the boundaries of thriller obsessions through a new geometry of chiaroscuro.

3. Locarno is a festival for youthful film able to surprise with the force of its stories and images. Dual movements towards external confines that become internal: to start, two portraits of women fleeing from their family (Sashishi deda – Scary Mother and Freiheit) and two journeys inside the spirits of solitary young people (Beach Rats and Vinterbrødre – Winter Brothers).  

4. Locarno70 is the story of the Festival’s history in 12 premieres, starting with an Italian theme: after the dazzling debut of Alina Marazzi comes Marco Ferreri’s cruel irony with El pisito. Debuts whose styles, themes and obsessions already reflect these filmmakers’ futures.

5. Year after year Signs of Life has carved out its place in the sun; in the year in which it becomes competitive, it is the talent of the Dominican Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias that opens these most experimental of dances with a tale in which revenge shades into something more human.

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