Heritage Online

A digitally based service to extend the outreach and distribution of Heritage Films through Video on Demand



Locarno Pro is launching a new, digitally based service dedicated to extending the outreach and distribution of Heritage Films through Video on Demand, expanding the range of titles offered by such services.

Thanks to Heritage Online, right-holders (international sales agents, film libraries, archives, institutes and restorers’ associations, etc.) will be able to share their catalogues — showcasing highlight titles — with potential clients: operators in the world of VOD platforms, from generalist to niche offerings, from established names to emerging start-ups.


Heritage Online articulates itself in two dimensions:

  1. A year-round database of international film heritage, where VOD broadcasters will be able to watch available titles, see detailed technical information including availability of films in the various territories, and get in touch directly with rightsholders.

  1. Activities to facilitate networking during the days of Locarno Pro (7-9 August, taking place online in 2020): pitching of right-holders presenting their catalogues and a round table dedicated to the distribution of library titles.


Subscriptions for right-holders:

  • Basic (CHF 85): this account will allow right-holders to offer a selection from their catalogue on the platform. Eligibility criteria of the titles: Feature length films of any genre premiered before 2005 (included).

  • Premium (CHF 160): users will additionally be able to include one film into the Online Screening Room, where they can offer potential clients the possibility to view a selection of titles for up to one year. The inclusion of each additional film will cost 70 CHF.

Subscriptions for VOD broadcasters:

  • Free subscription: a private account that will allow year-round access to the database, as well as taking part in scheduled virtual meetings, pitching sessions, round table discussions, etc. during Locarno Pro.

Subscriptions for other Film Professionals:

  • Basic (CHF 85): this account will allow any film professional to browse the online database and watch films included in the Online Screening Room.


All Heritage Online subscriptions give up to 12 months access to the Database.

From the 74th Locarno Film Festival, Heritage Online basic subscription will also be included when purchasing a Locarno Pro accreditation.


For more information, please contact the Project Manager: Markus Duffner


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