Open Doors 2019: South East Asia and Mongolia (Year 1)

Open Doors 2019: South East Asia and Mongolia (Year 1)


1to1 meeting at the Open Doors Hub.


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The program

In 2019, Open Doors started a new 3-year cycle dedicated to 8 countries in Southeast Asia and to Mongolia. 

Three main activties took place during the 72d Locarno Film Festival: Open Doors Hub, Open Doors Lab and Open Doors Screenings.

The selection

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Open Doors Hub


Open Doors Hub is an international coproduction platform for 8 selected projects from the South East Asian region and from Mongolia.

The selected projects for 2019 were:

Open Doors Lab


The Open Doors Lab selects each year 8 producers / filmmakers-producers, who are invited to Locarno to attend a personalised program focused on the role of the creative producer, providing them with tools to best approach the project development stage and to work with international film professionals, while increasing their entrepreneurial skills.


The 9 producers selected for Open Doors Lab 2019:

Open Doors Screenings


The Open Doors Screenings section of Locarno Film Festival offers a curated selection of shorts and feature-length films from the Open Doors focus region to introduce its cinematographic landscape to the Festival public and professionals attending.

In 2019, the section featured more than twenty feature- and short-length films from Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia, Thailand and Vietnam. 

Discover the full selection HERE

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