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Film projects: Open Doors

House of Others  (House of Others)

Georgia, Francia  ·  Colore  ·  110'

Georgia in the 1990s after the devastating civil war in Abkhazia.

Military hostilities are already in the past. Nobody is being killed. Calm has settled. The sacrifices made are justified. The “winners” are not being tried and everything that was previously owned by the defeated now belongs to them.

A downpour. A decrepit military vehicle covered in mud creeps up the rain-washed, bumpy road. In the distance, a village appears with its scattered houses spread along the flank of a hill. Not a single living soul can be seen through the barren fences, deserted yards and cross-shaped, nailed windows. The car staggers along the uninhabited village road and stops next to one of the houses.

Earlier, this house belonged to someone, but it was abandoned within an hour one night, just like the other houses. People left the village in fear. Driven by the instinct to survive, everything was left as it was, only the cattle were driven away.

The driver, a forty-year-old military man, who was awarded the ownership of that village after the war, brings a family of physically surviving but dejected citizens to one of the houses. This family lost its home in the conflict but, being on the winning side, has been granted one of the hastily vacated houses of the defeated.

A new life has to start in that house where twilight sheds its deadly glow over the frozen rooms, the bleak village roads, the deserted cemetery and the booby-trapped citrus plantations now growing wild.

They meet another family who have been relocated to the same deserted village, but are displaced at the same time. After having lost their house and their identity somewhere else, they are all now supposed to look for a new beginning.

But for them it seems impossible to build a new life in peace: war continues in everyday life because the battles still rage within them…
They are haunted by the trauma of the conflict they’ve survived, but still more they struggle to inhabit the abandoned houses and leftover lives of the conquered.

Finally, the new inhabitants have to decide whether to live these second-hand lives they have been offered, or to leave and follow new paths, free of the past.

Director's note

This is my story of my personal pain because 20 years ago I lost my own home, and with it I lost my childhood, my memories, my past and part of my identity.
I remember how a continuous flood of refugees headed for the frozen capital, wrapped in darkness. As they ran away they were sure that they would come back soon, but twenty years have passed and still they wait to return to their homes.
My desire to make this film came from our Georgian story, but it has become a universal problem. Due to all sorts of tragic events, numerous people have lost and are still losing their own home or country, a part of their soul now owned by others.

Production company profile

Cinetech is one of the most dynamically developing independent film production companies in Georgia. The company was founded in 2006 as a result of a merger of several successful production studios and administrative organizations in the film sector. Its aim is to produce and co-produce the work of independent filmmakers.


Ori, Miguel Ángel Jiménez Colmenar (2010)
Chaika, Miguel Ángel Jiménez Colmenar (2012)
Dzma, Teona Mgvdeladze-Grenade and Thierry Grenade (2013)

Co-production Company

MPM Film
Juliette Lepoutre and Marie-Pierre Macia, France

Rusudan Glurjidze
Zurab Magalashvili
Cinetech Film Production
Still Moving
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