Welcome back Festival!

by Alain Scherrer, Mayor of Locarno

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It is precisely in the harshest and most difficult times that our need for culture is most apparent, since culture has the ability to release vital energy into our lives as individuals and as a community.  

Thank you Festival, and welcome back!  

The Locarno Film Festival is a celebration of cinema, and therefore of culture. A celebration that marks each year an important moment for our city, shining a light on lives and dreams, on languages and customs that continuously evolve, on faces and stories that express emotions, passions, joys and sorrows with which we easily identify.  

Due to the pandemic, last year it was not possible to fill the theaters and Piazza Grande for the Festival. Hosting the event this year, although in a reduced version compared to previous editions, represents a symbol of revival, and of hope.  

The city’s movie theaters and venues are a treasured part of life in Locarno.  

Art, creativity and culture cannot but absorb the desire to build our tomorrow.  

Tradition says it would be better to avoid wishes. But our greatest and most unanimous wish is for the cinema of tomorrow, which is certainly going to be marvellous! 

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