Art at the centre of the Rotonda by la Mobiliare “Come together” concept

Art at the centre of the Rotonda by la Mobiliare “Come together” concept

Atelier oï

Founded in 1991 by Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis and Patrick Reymond, atelier oï is today, with around 35 permanent employees, one of the most renowned design studios internationally and has won several awards.

Architecture, interior design, product design and scenography are the stage of a studio able to surprise with fascinating and everychanging perspectives and philosophy. Puristic and at the same time poetic, their works seduce by interweaving emotions, memories and senses in the viewer.

Ekrem Yalçındağ

57 years old, born in Gölbasi, from his beginnings in 1985 at the Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir to his move to Frankfurt, Istanbul and Berlin, Ekrem Yalçındağ has been part of the tradition of geometric abstraction and conceptual art, becoming one of the leading contemporary Turkish artists.

Street artists

Curated by Orit Guttman, a show for everyone: performers will entertain and fascinate the audience with dancing, film interpretations, acrobatics and fire shows.

The program features artists such as Roberto Martinelli, Camila, Cia Artilugio, Teatro Valicante, Jess Gardolin, Nones circus and Yanes.


Urban artists

An urban place that comes alive with art with the works of performers able to revive the history of the Locarno Film Festival and its most iconic elements through painting.

Local and internationally renowned artists will perform live in the Rotonda: Mr. Plustik (Michel Bernasconi), Rayka (Debora Schmid), Gioele Martinoli, Elia Varini and Katrin Loglio.

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