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Louise Malherbe

(France / Lebanon)
Metropolis Cinema

Louise Malherbe



Louise Malherbe is a French film programmer and curator, based in Beirut, Lebanon. She holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Sorbonne University in Paris. While studying, she kept her passion for cinema as a hobby. She moved to Lebanon in 2015 to complete a master’s degree in political science, with a focus on researching the topic of domestic workers in the Arab world. In 2017, she made a drastic change in her career and became a programmer for the Metropolis Art Cinema Association, the only art house cinema in Lebanon, where she now organizes and programs multiple film festivals. Bridging her passion for cinema and past educational background, Louise is particularly interested in the political analysis of film genres. In early 2019, Louise became a member of the Film Resource Committee of the Network of Arab Alternative Screens (NAAS) working with other programmers in the Arab region to bring an eclectic selection of foreign films to Arab art house cinemas.

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