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Sofie Cato Maas

(The Netherlands)

Sofie Cato Maas



Sofie Cato Maas is a Rotterdam-born and currently London-based film student and critic. She studies Film Studies at King’s College London and wants to specialise in the history of erotic and pornographic cinema.  Sofie worked for several film festivals, among them the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) and FRINGE! Queer Film and Arts Festival London. She basically grew up at IFFR, where she served on EYE Amsterdam’s Moviezone jury in 2016, after which she was asked to set up IFFR Young Selectors with her colleagues. For two years she worked as Q&A content creator and host to develop this initiative. She has also been part of two other juries, namely the 28 Times Cinema jury at the Venice Film Festival in 2018 and the Animation jury at the Watersprite Film Festival Cambridge in 2019. At the moment she is writing reviews as part of the early stages of the selection process of the Venice Film Festival’s Giornate Degli Autori, visiting film festivals throughout the year about which she writes for Cine and Frameland and working on a 3D shorts programme for Delaware Road, the underground electronic and visual arts festival near Stonehenge. It is her aim to eventually become a full-time programmer.

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