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The Swiss Future of Documentary Production in a Competition

The Swiss Future of Documentary Production in a Competition



Second day at the Festival del film Locarno and it is already time to assign awards. How is that possible? Thanks to the Migros Culture Percentage, the jury members of the fourth Swiss Documentary Film Competition will announce the names of the winners of the first round on Friday August 8th, at 5 pm, in Casa Rusca (Locarno). The talented Swiss directors will be then supported by the Migros group with 25,000 Swiss Francs each, a financing that will give them the opportunity to develop their subjects until December 2013, waiting for the verdict of the second round vote. In January 2014, in fact, only one of them will be designated as winner, earning the right to shoot his or her own documentary film thanks to the professional cooperation of the SRG SSR group.

For the first time in its history, the Swiss Documentary Film Competition was not tied to a single theme, but to a wide range of topics which are all relevant and strongly correlated to Swiss society, looking for "an alternative point of view on the reality of our Country". The jury for this fourth edition is composed by Nicole Hess for the Migros group, the director and winner of the first edition Simon Baumann, the directors and producers of documentaries Nikolaus Geyrhalter and Nicolas Wadimoff, the slam poet Lara Stoll and Sven Wälti, representing the SRG SSR group.

Mattia Bertoldi

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