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How To Go from Domani to Oggi

How To Go from Domani to Oggi



Locarno's window for new talent will screen 24 international and 10 Swiss films in competition, selected from 3,000 candidates.

"The quality of the films is still amazingly high, and another fil rouge among them is that most of them are strongly linked to reality, to real events – they are produced fast, and they interprete everything from current news, like financial crisis, disasters, political problems," said head of Locarno's Pardi di domani programme for the last five years, Alessandro Marcionni.

For this year's edition of the festival's window for new talent Marcionni and his three programmers have considered 3,000 films, including 2,200 submissions and 800 from their contacts with film institutes, promotional agencies and film schools worldwide – 24 are screening in the Concorso internazionale, 10 in the Concorso nazionale.

The aim is – at an early stage - to identify young auteurs with a potential to be followed by other parts of the festival, such as Swiss director Andrea Staka, whose 13-minute short, Hotel Belgrad (1998), was screening in the programme; her 2001 documentary, Yugodivas, was also presented the festival, and her first feature, Das Fräulein (2006) entered the Concorso internazionale to win the Pardo d'oro.

The 2013 special programme, "Répondre à la commande, détourner, remonter" includes 16 fi lms both by established filmmakers and students, who participated in an exercise staged by the Geneva University of Art and Design, under the guidance of Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci-Lucchi. From 1920s-1970s archive footage from the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, they edited contemporary messages from the two organisations – "an ideal complement to what we are otherwise showing," Marcionni concluded.

Jørn Rossing Jensen

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