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Andrea Štaka, director

About inspiration: “The idea about this film came from a story I heard about two girls who went to the mountains and one of them never returned.
I drew inspiration from this anecdote, the topic of girl friendship - which is dear to me – and Dubrovnik in winter.”

About the title of the movie and duality: “I have always been interested in the concept of duality, it accompanied me through my whole life as I come from Switzerland but also ex-Yugoslavia. 
The title itself expresses this idea of dualism, as Cure,in Croatian, means “freshgirls - salope”, the rest of the title The Life of Another is like a subtitle to guide the audience.”

About the cast choice: “I was looking for bilingual girls from 10 to 16 – Sylvie Marinković send me an e-casting. I also did some workshops but in the end I choose her, the first one. I met Lucia Radulović in Dubrovnik – we visited all the schools. When I saw her I knew that she was the actress I was looking for.”

Sylvie Marinković (Linda) and Lucia Radulović (Eta), actresses
About the language they spoke during the shooting:

Lucia: “The character I played did not resemble my timid personality at all, but I stuck to the script, straightforward.”

Sylvie: “It was horrible! We shot two years ago, now I understand better those topics. At that time I tried to understand as much as I could.”

Andrea Štaka, director: “They should be as natural as possible. For this reason we did workshops on physicality, and I also made them running in the forest before shooting.”

Cristian Gomez Bolliger

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