News from the Locarno Festival

Open Microphone – Heimatland

From left Gabriel Noah Naurer, Morgane Ferru, Nicolas Bachmann, Roberto Garieri, Egon Betschart, Liana Hangartner, Peter Jecklin, Michéle Schaub,Dashmir Ristemi, actors



Michael Krummenacher, one of the directors

“This is a film about isolation. Not simply the isolation of a country, but isolation of individuals - and we don’t like isolation.”

Gregor Frei, one of the directors

“There is not a hero in Heimatland, because the problem, that we’re currently confronting, cannot be solved by a single person. In this context it is also concept that we were 10 directors to shoot it.”

Jan Gassmann, Producer

“We started the project four years ago. Reality kept surpassing our story, while we were writing it.”

Pierre Hagmann

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