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Zero Effect

Histoire(s) du cinéma – Excellence Award Moët & Chandon Bill Pullman

Zero Effect



Some roles are simply irresistible for actors. Daryl Zero is one of these: a peculiar detective, a modern Sherlock Holmes in the Los Angeles of the '90s, a verbose and gifted egocentric person that is the dream of every actor. And it was perfect for Bill Pullman right after his experiences with David Lynch and Wim Wenders. Jake Kasdan was the talented son of a great director and screenwriter and Bill just worked with his father in Wyatt Earp, epic and misunderstood western in a blockbuster era.Just like this one, Zero Effect was another brave choice by Mr. Pullman and the demonstration that he always tried to find something new and different, maybe just to be remembered as that good actor that decided to start over and over again each time was on the edge of a huge success. Somehow just like Daryl Zero, a comfortable alter ego in the Los Angeles of Brett Easton Ellis. Zero is a romantic sociopath, his personal Watson is a young but already very good Ben Stiller, and he also found his Irene Adler.Zero Effect is a funny game, not without flaws, but fair enough for a first feature film: that kind of movie that will be loved by his protagonist for ever and ever. Because Daryl Zero is the dark side of Bill Pullman. Or maybe the brightest one.

Alessandro De Simone

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