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Histoire(s) du cinéma: Vision Award Nescens Howard Shore


Paris, 1931. A young orphan, Hugo Cabret, lives at Gare de Montparnasse with his alcoholic uncle and spends his days maintaining the station’s clocks and trying to repair an automaton, the one keepsake he has left of the time spent with his late father. One day he befriends a girl his age, and learns a startling truth about the grouchy owner of the station’s toy store. Hugo is an adventure, an intimate epic about passion and creativity, not to mention a touching love letter to cinema as an art. Blessed with a superb cast, including Ben Kingsley as filmmaking pioneer Georges Méliès, Martin Scorsese imbues every single frame with youthful energy, crafting a tribute to a master of early cinema that is, oddly enough, even more moving when seen in 3D. The constant sense of wonder, a stark and beautiful counterpoint to the director’s better known, rawer instincts, is further amplified by the majestic and spectacular musical compositions of Howard Shore, this year’s Vision Award Nescens.


Max Borg

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