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Waiting For The Palmares

Waiting For The Palmares



Waiting for the palmares, here's the favourite movies of Locarno70 according to the Critics Academy.

Jaime Grijalba, Chile

La telenovela errante

The latest film of the Chilean master is the funniest of the year. A naked look at Chilean identity.

Francisco Noronha, Portugal

Qing Ting zhi yan (Dragonfly Eyes)

Powerful piece on how Big Brother can work both as a social critic and as a cinematic engine. Blow-Up meets Vertigo meets Godard’s latest stage.

Marleen Fitterer, Switzerland

Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?

Investigation about a director’s great-grandfather’s murder committed in 1946. A great detective story which also looks at present racism in Alabama.


Max Wild, Switzerland


Descending into Beirut’s underground, Rana Eid’s haunting documentary offers a profound insight into an intricate country.


Irina Trocan, Romania


A femme-fatale-less noir with a killer action climax and much surprising background detail.

Timo Posselt, Switzerland

Dene wos guet geit

Schäublin made a radical and compelling debut on the dullness of digital age, revitalizing Swiss Cinema.

Matt Turner, UK

Good Luck

Ben Russell's miner portrait is captivating, inventive, and importantly, human. "Each man makes his own luck.”

Leonardo Goi, Italy

Wajib (Duty)

Nazarene road trip is a delicate homecoming tale, & a powerful reminder of how cinema can be a tool of resistance.


Dominic Schmid, Switzerland

Laissez bronzer les cadavres

Wheatley's Free Fire redone by Leone, Argento and Jodorowsky – on acid.


Adrien Kuenzy, Switzerland

Beach Rats

Eliza Hittman’s last movie is a contemporary diamond reflecting the fragility of adolescence. A must see!


Zoe Meng Jiang, China/USA

Good Time

Safdies' psychedelic realism of Brooklyn and Queens. Robert Pattinson is heart-breaking and irresistible.

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