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Honour to Balz

Honour to Balz



Musica, maestro. As usual, the FONDATION SUISA (Cooperative Society of Music Authors and Publishers) chooses Locarno Festival to honour a work in the field of Swiss film music composition with its Film Music Prize. The 2017 award of CHF 25,000 goes to Balz Bachmann for his original score for the documentary Bis ans Ende der Träume, directed by Wilfried Meichtry. Bachmann's work was selected due to his ability to blend “the film’s multifaceted elements into an emotionally resonant whole,” composing the score parallel to the editing process with the help of the co-composers Michael Künstle and Peter Bräker. The composer (born in Zurich in 1971) received the prize today in Locarno from the hands of the jury president Mario Beretta.

Mattia Bertoldi

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