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Highlights – 4 | 8 | 2017

Highlights – 4 | 8 | 2017



1. It would be hard to find an actor who better embodies the Locarno spirit than Adrien Brody. Always independent, even when appearing big-budget productions, a talent incarnated in characters who do not hide the fatigue of living, the struggle to be themselves in a violent world, up to that icon of pain translated in the image of The Pianist compelled to play in the void.

2. Two films, two cities that symbolize the 20th century: Los Angeles and Brasilia. Gemini is a noir that spills the sprawl of a city without a centre into the oppression caused by the film world. Era uma vez Brazilia (Once There Was Brasília) is science fiction with political overtones and an ironic take on the divisions between ruling class and angry people. 

3. But the search for a centre can also take place in familiar environments. Following the path of their characters, Annemarie Jacir (with Wajib – Duty) and Valérie Massadian (with Milla) both end up offering a vibrant picture of the places they inhabit: Palestine and provincial France.

4. New forms for the documentary. Anatomia del miracolo and Meteorlar (Meteors) challenge the rules of the genre, setting aside any urge towards orientation and instead plunging body and soul into their characters. On the one hand, the motley humanity of Naples and the strange relationship with a Madonna with a bruised cheek, on the other a community resisting in northern Turkey.

5. Beyond Leone, Argento and Tarantino, the Forzani-Cattet duo push the postmodern aesthetic beyond any limit. Their new film is a blaze of colours, visual and sound inventions and graphic violence, but most of all it shows how the avant-garde and cinema can still go hand in hand.

Carlo Chatrian

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