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V for Vincent and Vanessa

V for Vincent and Vanessa



Vincent Macaigne, how was it to play such a humble character?

I could say that everything was about the pace. I had to follow a slower one, to take a step back and to listen more. It required greater concentration and a stronger focus, that's for sure.

Cinema and theatre – what is the connection between these two worlds you have taken part along your career?

I could say that a theatre actor acquires automatically more authority because you have to speak in front of a group of people made of other actors and viewers who are paying much attention to you. You can also whisper and everybody stays in silence to better listen to you, and this is a great form of authority.

We can say it is something more demonstrative?

We can say so, yes. You have to show you and impose yourself, in a certain way. In cinema, on the other hand, you can better capture something else: the sweetness of certain traits, the intimacy of a role.

What do you expect the audience could find in Jacques Blanchot, your character?

We worked very hard to make a movie which could be as universal as possible. It is a modern story which tells about society and the way of living today; I hope the viewers could understand that and recognize themselves in some parts.

* * *

Vanessa Paradis, in your career you've played with many French actors, but this is the first time with Vincent Macaigne.

It was great, also because I've appreciated him in several movies and to see him in this role, very different from the others, was moving. When I came on the set, Vincent and Samuel Benchetrit were working since many days and they were  fully engaged in the movie. It was a strong and intense experience to be in the story, to take part to its beauty, but it was also like being in the audience because Vincent was already into his character, Jacques Blanchot.

Cinema and music – what is the connection between these two worlds?

They are two forms of expression that lead you to ask if you want to be yourself or somebody else. Music is like working with costumes in the cinema, it gives you much freedom. And both are also based on instinct: when you are preparing a role you are studying and reading a lot, but on the set you have to live and interact with other actors. They have their own voices, you have to play with them and here again we have a parallel with music: you have to tune in on their vibes and they have to do the same with you. Being a singer gave me much for my career as actress and vice versa, but for doing these jobs everything is useful: doing sports, cooking, reading books. Living your own life, without having too much fear or hesitations.

What do you expect from the screening of the movie in the Piazza Grande?

This is my first time here and I cannot wait to watch the movie on such a big screen in front of so many people in the Piazza. I hope the audience will be able to enter the story, which is certainly something uncommon. It is not a divertissement, it leads you to think, to reflect – which could be more complicated, but also more intense.

Mattia Bertoldi

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