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Highlights 8 | 8 | 2017

Highlights 8 | 8 | 2017



Film after film, Wang Bing is creating a personal homage to his people, whether workers or prisoners in labour camps, the mentally ill in a house with circular balconies or women confined to bed, emigrants or resisters. Mrs. Fang is the latest touching volet of this particular human comedy.

The search for a gunshot fired many years ago. The search for the roots of a hate that continues unabated. Somewhere between detective and traveler, in Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun? Travis Wilkerson retraces the story of a family where the parties involved reflect the two faces of America today.

Sabiha Sumar’s journey in Azmaish (A Journey through the Subcontinent) is a voyage to the heart of her country. With determination, courage and persistence, the Pardo d’oro winner questions the powerful and those who decide the fate of Pakistan.

Young and up-and-coming cinema in Locarno. Verónica Echegui (cover), jury member for the Pardi di domani selection, jumps from challenge to challenge, from films with Toni Servillo to American television series. On the other hand, Il Monte delle Formiche and Ouroboros are unconventional debut films, while the return of Guillaume Brac is a work with (and about) students.

The Locarno70 cavalcade continues. Today it’s the turn of a film that first saw the light ten years after being made. Odinokiy golos cheloveka (The Lonely Voice of Man) by Aleksandr Sokurov marked not only the arrival of one of the greatest modern directors but also a milestone for Locarno as a place of freedom of expression.

Carlo Chatrian

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