Gaëlle Courtens

Journalist and Press Officer of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy ,  Italy

Gaëlle Courtens (*1967) is a Journalist specialising in religious matters. As Editor of the News Agency NEV – notizie evangeliche and as Press Officer for the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy, her main topics are: ecumenical and interreligious dialogue, religious freedom, secularity, migrations, human rights. She is member of the editorial board Coscienza e Libertà (International Association for the Defense of Religious Liberty), and has worked for the TV Program Protestantesimo – RAIDUE. She holds a master degree in Italian Language and Literature, Sociology, Political Science at the University of Zurich (CH), and a second level master in International Protection of Human Rights from the University «La Sapienza» in Rome of the INTERFILM Jury in Venice (2013) and member of the Jury of the Festival of Religiou. Member s Films PRIX FAREL in Neuchâtel (2014).

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