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Locarno Industry Academy

Selection 2019

Locarno Industry Academy


For the upcoming generation of professionals, Locarno Pro’s Industry Academy is a unique opportunity to discover and learn more about the world of the film industry and its challenges. This year our 10 talented participants come from diverse and complementary fields. Collaboration and creativity are our motto, and we aim at offer these young people a better understanding on how to work together.

The selected participants for 2019 work in the fields of traditional and digital distribution, international sales, festivals programming and exhibition. They come from Netherlands, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Germany, France, Lebanon United-Kingdom, Czech Republic and Portugal and are charting remarkable and unique paths in the film Industry. The Industry Academy will not only offer them a perfect opportunity to interact with a group of top-level professionals, but also to quiz the experts and enhance their own hands-on professional experience, while gaining insights into the work of their colleagues.

Project manager: Marion Klotz



See the full list of 2019 participants here.

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