Filmmakers Academy
10 – 17 August 2014

The participants in the Filmmakers Academy, 2014


A snapshot of the 2014 Filmmakers Academy


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The Locarno Filmmakers Academy is a Festival del film Locarno initiative inside the Summer Academy platform for young filmmakers from around the world.This group includes a new generation of filmmakers with a strong and unique vision and short films selected and awarded from the most prestigious world film festivals. Most of them are preparing themselves for the challenge of directing a first feature film. 

During the Academy Screenings the Filmmakers Academy participants meet at the Rialto 3 venue to show their work to the audience. Everyday a different program with a different focus. Find the selection of short films and the program 2014 down below.

Locarno Filmmakers Academy participants 2014 

  • Ana Moreno (United States)
  • André Lavaquial (Brazil)
  • Caetano Gotardo (Brazil)
  • Claudio Capanna (Belgium, Italy)
  • Giancarlo Lauro Abrahan (Philippines)
  • Ivan Mora Manzano (Ecuador)
  • Rolf Heldal (Norway)
  • Serhat Karaasla (Turkey)
  • Shirley Bruno (United States, Haiti)
  • Teymur Hajiyev (Azerbaijan)
  • Vladilen Vierny (Belgium)
  • Martin Edralin (Canada)
  • Sibs Shongwe-La Mer (South Africa)
  • Amirah Tajdin  (Kenya)
  • Marilia Bignardi Halla (Brazil)
  • Nicole Caylin Kitt (South Africa)
  • Victor Manuel Checa (Peru)
  • Gudmundur Gudmundson (Island)
  • Krzysztof Skonieczny (Poland)
  • Marcelo Martinessi (Paraguay)
  • Rémi Allier (Belgium)
  • Slava  Doytcheva (Bulgaria)
  • Vittoria Fiumi (Switzerland)
  • Vladimir de Fontenay (France)

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