Ibirá Machado

(Descoloniza Filmes, Brazil)

Ibirá Machado



Ibirá Machado started working with cinema distribution in 2011, when he coordinated the release of the movie "Bollywood Dream", directed by Beatriz Seigner, the first Brazil-India co-production. Just after that he started working in Vitrine Filmes, which was founded months before, where he stayed until 2014. In Vitrine, he helped building a strong brand based on new and creative ways of distributing independent movies and advertising them. He coordinated movies like "Neighboring Sounds", by Kleber Mendonça Filho, "Frances Ha", by Noah Baumbach, and "Las Acacias", by Pablo Giorgelli, among others. He left Vitrine to have more experiences in cinema industry, working in productions, film festivals and finally coming back to distribution. In 2017 he founded his own distribution company, Descoloniza Filmes, with a clear curatorship: focus on movies directed by women, produced in periphery countries and that talks about new narratives, new way of living and thinking.

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