Felix Klee

Felix Klee



Born in Germany in 1990, Felix is mainly a filmmaker, but also a painter and a musician. His training ranges from Fine Arts in Nurnberg to the Universidad de las Artes Aguascalientes in Mexico, culminating in the Academy in Munich.

He currently studies and teaches documentary directing and television journalism at the University of Munich, while also continuing his own documentary career, VR technique experiments and the management of a group of artists and directors he co-founded for a democratization of filming.


"Last year the leopard stole my heart. For me it was the most exciting time at a festival. Its free-spirited community approach let me experience Locarno with freedom like I otherwise never would have been able to. With its Academies, the Pardi di Domani and the unique BaseCamp program Locarno is an important catalyzer for young filmmakers. The future development of the Base camp and its related festival programs can further establish an important festival campus and a growing network of young creatives. The challenges that arose with the pandemic can also be a chance to expand the accessibility and reach of the festival with digital programs, that benefit young professionals.
I am excited to be part of this community approach in the next few years."

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