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Practical Information


Practical Information


Practical Information


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Piazza Grande

General informations

Every night 9.30 PM screening in Piazza Grande and Palexpo (FEVI).
Saturday August 17, prize giving ceremony 9 PM, followed by screening. 

In case of rain: Free Transportation (PardoBus 1) from Piazza Grande (Locarno Post Office) to the Palexpo (FEVI).
The use of umbrellas is prohibited during screenings.

Piazza Grande and theaters: admission subject to availability of seats. Seats are not guaranteed, please arrive early. If the maximum capacity of Piazza Grande has been reached, please go to the Palexpo (FEVI). It is prohibited to reserve seats with objects.
Tickets are not refundable.



The Piazza Grande is closed between 7.30 PM and 8 PM due to routine inspections. For security reasons, the Locarno Film Festival will have the right to carry out security checks.

Strollers are not allowed to access or transit Piazza Grande.
A delimited area for wheelchairs and/or for severely disabled people with mobility problems is accessible on the right side of the main entrance (ask the staff or call 091 756 21 21).

The listed items are not allowed in the Piazza Grande and movie theaters.

Those objects must be deposited at the “Container Lost & Found” in Piazza Grande or at the entrance desks of the venues. Alternatively, they can also be deposited near the entrances.

Those objects must be provided with a ticket in order for the audience to collect eventual items until maximum 30 minutes after the end of the last screening.

The contents of bags and backpacks will be checked at all the entrances. In order to avoid queues, please come early.

Thank you for not smoking during the screening.

The following objects are not allowed:

Practical Information

Press conferences and meetings with directors
Press conferences are open to accredited Press and Industry only, with priority access for journalists. 

Concorso internazionale and Piazza Grande: press conferences with the delegations of the films take place at the Press Center (Largo Zorzi) around 10.30/11 AM, on the same day of their official screening.

Meetings between the delegations of the Concorso internazionale and the  audience take place at the Spazio Cinema immediately after the official screening.

Concorso Cineasti del presente, Moving Ahead, Fuori concorso, Panorama Suisse and Semaine de la critique: meetings between the delegations and the audience are held at the end of the screening and take place at the same venue.

Pardi di domani: meetings take place at the Locarno Talks Bar la Mobiliare, at the Spazio Cinema.


Award ceremonies and screening of the award-winning films
The official award ceremony takes place on Saturday August 15 2020 at 9 PM in Piazza Grande (in case of rain at the Palexpo FEVI). The award winning films will be screened for the audience on Sunday August 16 2020.

The award ceremony for prizes assigned by parallel juries will take place on Saturday August 15 2020 from 5 PM on, at the Spazio Cinema.


Good to know 

Babysitting Service
For the babysitting service, at home or at the hotel, click here

Locarno Kids

Screenings, workshops, special activities and much more to be discovered.

If you’re wondering to know how cinema really works, if you’re curious about what’s behind and in front of the camera, or if you simply want to give mum and dad a little time to watch one of the many movies of the Festival, then we suggest you take a look at the brand new Locarno Kids offer for the 72th edition of the Locarno Film Festival. Click here.

Locarno Boutique by Manor
At the Locarno Boutique by Manor, located at la Magnolia, you will find all  official Festival merchandise, that will transform a sunny day in Locarno, a rainy evening in Piazza Grande or a cool night at laRotonda in a fun and exciting  experience. The Locarno Boutique is open every day from 10 AM to 10 PM. If you would like to shop online visit


Practical Information

laRotonda and Locarno Garden la Mobiliare

The listed items are not allowed at the laRotonda and Locarno Garden la Mobiliare.

Those objects must be deposited at your own risk in the lockers near the entrance Entrata Castello.

The following objects are not allowed:

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