Sponsors and Partners


Our public and private sector partners are the ones who make the organization of the Locarno Film Festival possible, providing invaluable and tangible support year after year, and thus demonstrating their strong sense of duty to culture and to our region.

The Board of Governors, the Artistic Director, the Chief Operating Officer and their staff wish to convey their sincere thanks to our sponsors and partners: thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, for having shown that you believe in what Locarno Film Festival stands for.

Partners, Suppliers and Supporters

The Festival wishes to express a special thank to all its Sponsors and Partners.

Institutional Partners

The Festival wishes to express a special thank to its public partners for their support.

Leopard Club

Founded in 2008 on the initiative of its president Rolando Benedick, the Leopard Club is the association that supports the Locarno Film Festival, to which it provides significant financial support. Club members enjoy a range of exclusive privileges that make every moment spent at the Festival unique.

Swiss Top Events

Swiss Top Events consists of eight world-famous Swiss events in the areas of art, film, music, golf, ski races, track an fields, and horse racing. The designation “Swiss Top Events” is a seal of quality. And it is only conferred on events which represent the crème de la…

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