Sponsors and Partners

Our public and private sector partners are the ones who make the organization of the Locarno Film Festival possible, providing invaluable and tangible support year after year, and thus demonstrating their strong sense of duty to culture and to our region.

The Board of Governors, the Artistic Director, the Chief Operating Officer and their staff wish to convey their sincere thanks to our sponsors and partners: thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, for having shown that you believe in what Locarno Film Festival stands for.

Partners, Suppliers and Supporters

The Festival wishes to express a special thank to all its Sponsors and Partners.

Institutional Partners

The Festival wishes to express a special thank to its public partners for their support.

Leopard Club

Founded in 2008 on the initiative of its president Rolando Benedick, the Leopard Club is the association that supports the Locarno Film Festival, to which it provides significant financial support. Club members enjoy a range of exclusive privileges that make every moment spent at the Festival unique.

Swiss Top Events

Swiss Top Events consists of eight world-famous Swiss events in the areas of art, film, music, golf, ski races, track an fields, and horse racing. The designation “Swiss Top Events” is a seal of quality. And it is only conferred on events which represent the crème de la…

Support the Festival

Becoming a Festival Sponsor

Festival Sponsorship is an option for any company wishing to demonstrate its engagement on our behalf by taking part in the creation of the event. There are several different modes and levels of sponsorship, from financial support to provision of skills and services.

The huge and diverse festival-going public, the variety of programming and the numerous initiatives linked to the event offer a range of suitable venues and opportunities for projects that are tailored to the different individual needs of all our partners. Further details are available on request. We are always ready to discuss possible areas for collaboration with potential new sponsors.
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Becoming a Festival supporter

Set up in February 2008 by its current president Rolando Benedick, the Leopard Club is the official association dedicated to supporting the Festival. The Leopard Club allows members to support the Festival in a variety of ways, offering a number of exclusive benefits in return. Membership is open to both individuals and institutions wishing to offer financial support to the Festival.
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Becoming a member of the Festival

The Locarno Film Festival was founded in 1946 as an association to promote and organize the event. The members’ meeting is held annually and is open to both natural and legal persons wishing to actively support the Festival. An annual membership fee is payable.
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Donations from individuals are always welcome and the Festival is especially grateful for this important source of support.
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Advertise with us

The official Catalogue of the Locarno Film Festival

Renewed in its graphic and editorial style, the catalogue has a handy A5 format, for ease of consultation, and it is in full color, making its lavish photographic material appealing.
The official catalogue has a role of indispensable source of information, not only for the thousands of moviegoers attending the Festival, but also for journalists and film industry professionals. With a print run of 8,000 copies, the catalogue is distributed to all accredited attendees and placed on sale both at Festival ticket desks and on newsstands all over the Canton Ticino. After the Festival, the catalogue serves as a precious instrument of reference and official record of the event. The cover price is CHF 25.

The Industry Guide

The Industry Guide of the Locarno Film Festival, is the reference document for all professionals attending the Locarno Film Festival. The Industry Guide will also include the projects of the Open Doors section, our co-production platform dedicated to the authors of the chosen projects and the industry attendees. The Industry Guide will be given to all accredited Industry attendees as a fundamental working tool during and after the Festival and will include all personal contacts.

Advertising and Hospitality

The Locarno Film Festival is offering advertisers the possibility to organize corporate events in the framework of the Festival. Advertisers will enjoy a 20% discount on the purchase price of the exclusive Premium Piazza Grande packages, which guarantee access to the reserved best seating area for evening screenings in Piazza Grande. For more information, please contact the Festival secretary’s office by e-mail (info@locarnofestival.ch) or phone (+41 91 756 21 21).

Special arrangements can be made on request to organize hospitality before or after screenings, in the Leopard Club VIP lounge situated close to the main entrance to Piazza Grande.

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