The Films After Tomorrow

Facts & Figures: Locarno 2020

The Films After Tomorrow



The data presented on this page refers to the Locarno 2020 – For the Future of Films edition. At the moment, only the data related to The Films After Tomorow section is presented, but as soon as it will be possible the data concerning other sections of Locarno 2020 – For the Future of Films will be published. 

The Films After Tommorow

The Films After Tomorrow is the initiative of Locarno 2020 – For the Future of Films whose goal is to support filmmakers who have had to halt their projects because of the global pandemic COVID-19.  Out of more than 500 submitted projects, the Locarno Film Festival has selected twenty feature film projects, ten of which are international and ten Swiss.  


Number of submitted projects : 545

International: 504  

Swiss: 41, which is just below 50% of the total average annual production in Switzerland; these break down as follows:  

  • Swiss German region: 18 (43.9%) 
  • Swiss French region: 18 (43.9%)  
  • Swiss Italian region: 5 (12.2%)  


Number of selected projects: 20

International: 10  

Swiss: 10  


Countries of production of submitted projects

Countries of production: 87 (101 including co-productions)  


Countries of production of selected projects

International projects: 6 (11 including co-productions) 

Swiss projects: 1 (8 including co-productions) 


Number of submitted projects per continent or geographical area

(for co-productions, only the primary country is taken into account)  

Europe: 234 
South America: 163 
Asia: 76 
North America: 32 
Africa: 21 
Middle East: 19 


Gender evaluation

The method of calculation considers the total number of female and male directors. In the case of co-productions, all the directors were counted, without distinguishing whether the directing was predominantly female or male. 
Direction / international projects submitted: 161 women, 377 men 
Direction / Swiss projects submitted: 13 women, 34 men 
Direction / international projects selected: 5 women, 6 men 
Direction / Swiss projects selected: 2 women, 9 men 
Production / international projects selected: 13 women, 12 men 
Production / Swiss projects selected: 10 women, 12 men 



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