New Structures

A new home for the Festival


Locarno has a history, which is why Locarno has a future. Especially if an important anniversary like its 70th edition becomes the occasion for new fresh beginnings. It is what will happen at the Festival from 2 to 12 August 2017, starting with the infrastructure renewals: the doors of the Palazzo del Cinema and of the refurbished GranRex Auditorium Leopard Club will open in the summer of 2017. 


The new Palazzo del Cinema


Palazzo del Cinema

3 new movie theatres for what will become the veritable Festival headquarters. A stone's throw from the Piazza Grande, following a long wait, the Palazzo del Cinema will finally open its doors for the 70th festival edition.


The old Ex Rex, before the renovation work


GranRex Locarno

A historic theatre returning to former glory. If the Ex Rex was the place acting as a home to many screenings in the past, now with the GranRex memory is not only re-launched into the future, but also tailored to the technological comforts of contemporary life. The retrospective home has equipped itself with a new facility, capable of coupling the comfort of novelty (dressing-rooms and simultaneous translation booths) with an erstwhile appeal - screenings are still foreseen in 35mm and 16mm.


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