Sunday, March 31st


Film for families: Mirai no Mirai

Director: Mamoru Hosoda
Japan • 2018 • color • 98’ • Italian version

Cinema GranRex, Locarno
0 am 
Free entrance

In collaboration with Cinemagia

Ku-Chan is jealous of his new baby sister. But things will change when he meets a little girl, who is his sister from the future. A tender and poignant film about overcoming childhood jealousy.


Masterclass with Jacopo Quadri

PalaCinema Sala 3, Locarno
10.30 am - 1 pm 

Masterclass with a limited number: subscriptions are closed.

*  *  *

Meeting: Bello Mondo

Cinema GranRex, Locarno
4 pm
Free entrance

Sounding rite of and with Mariangela Gualtieri under the guidance of Cesare Ronconi. 

Moderated by Babel, with the support of of OSA.

*  *  *


Film: Gli indocili

Director: Ana Shametaj
Italy · 2019  · DCP · 66' ·  v.o. Italian ·  s.t. English · international premiere 
Free entrance
The film will start after the sound rite "Bello Mondo". 

Introduced by Ana Shametaj.

Twelve twenty-year-olds retire to the countryside to discover the value of poetry thanks to Ronconi and Gualtieri, creators of the Teatro Valdoca. An uncommon portrait of a new generation.


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