Simona Pampallona


Born in Rome but nomadic due to her profession, Simona “Pamp” Pampallona realized she wanted to do photojournalism when she started taking the world home with her. Each trip, from England to Latin America, was a suitcase filled with frozen suggestions, motionless memories and tangible emotions. Throughout her career, which has seen her take pictures for Internazionale, Repubblica and Flyer, she has also spent time with personal projects: residential occupation, female rugby teams, migrant communities in Rome, farming villages in the Valle degli Elfi, even feminist and queer post-pornography, which is part of an essential territory for her research, that of sexuality and gender. Her gateway to cinema was Tempesta Film, for which she serves as a set photographer and worked with Alice Rohrwacher on Corpo Celeste, The Wonders and Happy as Lazzaro.

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