Sunday, March 12th


Babe by Chris Noonan



Director: Chris Noonan

Australia/USA - 1995 - 35 mm - color - 91’
Italian version

Teatro Kursaal, Locarno
0.00 am 
Free entrance

In collaboration with Cinemagia

Babe the piglet comes to Arthur Hoggett’s farm as the main item on the menu for next Christmas dinner. But when the young porker bonds with a pair of border collies and learns how to herd sheep, Farmer Hoggett gets other ideas for Babe’s future. A fable for our times in which farm animals take the place of humans in a story that has a message for viewers of all ages: even the oldest rules are there to be broken. A children’s classic to enjoy again together.


Touchez pas au grisbi, by Jean Gabin


Touchez pas au grisbi

Director: Jacques Becker
France/Italy - 1954 - DCP - black and white - 94’
o.v. French - s.t. Italian

Teatro Kursaal, Locarno
3.00 pm
Free entrance

Gangster Max (Jean Gabin) is forced out of retirement and needs to convert into ready money his stash of gold bars from an airport heist. But the loyalty of his trusted friend and partner Riton is undermined by the beautiful dancing girl Josy (Jeanne Moreau). One of the great classics of French film noir, crepuscular in mood, lean and spare in style. A tribute to male friendship, short on words and long on feelings.


Actress Anna Bonaiuto


Staged reading of La scuola cattolica with Edoardo Albinati and Anna Bonaiuto

Teatro Kursaal, Locarno
5.00 pm
Free entrance



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