A Cold Summer Night

by Yash Sawant

#12 /23 | available until February 18


India  ·  2018  ·  DCP  ·  Color  ·  21'  ·  o.v. Konkani/Marathi

Mapusa, India. An ordinary night starts to get dramatic for Ketan, a Maharashtrian migrant, when his car is being crashed and attracts excessive attention in the conservative neighborhood. Stuck with his mistress in his small rented room while his pregnant wife is away, he has to face the angry locals.

Selected in the Pardi di domani International competition 2018

Yash Sawant's, A Cold Summer Night, is a classic narrative fiction that perfectly captures the social imbalance caused by a life changing moment for a young migrant man. Ketan, works away from home, within a tight knit community and within this moment of chaos he gets exposed as a lyer and a cheat. The more involved and angry the community get, the deeper Ketan withdraws.

Liz Harkman  ·  programmer


Born in India in 1997, Yash Sawant studied fine arts and painting. A Cold Summer Night is his debut short film.


Keatan Jadhav , Vinita Velip , Gauri Kamat , Rajeev Hede , Aresh Naik


Arvin Vaz


Dinkar Karapurkar

Executive producer

Ajay Sawant


Yash Sawant


Yash Sawant


Bikal Pradhan, Ashutosh Girkar


Yash Sawant


Yash Sawant (sawantyash07@gmail.com)

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