Heart of Hunger

by Bernardo Zanotta

#08 /23 | available until February 14


Netherlands  ·  2018  ·  DCP  ·  Color  ·  29'  ·  o.v. English/German

A hungry heart, a celebration of the body, both exposed and concealed at the same time, like baroque paintings: guilty, ashamed or further alienated from our voyeur gaze. A secret dividing the actors and their scenic world from the public who has come to witness it; an episodic narration around what is unutterable; two friends travelling in the same boat and playing lustful and sadistic games. The characters in Heart of Hunger can act, feel and experiment, but they cannot testify as to the relationships that determine them. They lose each other, they find each other; the heart is a lonesome hunter.

Winner of the Pardino d’argento SRG SSR 2018 for the Pardi di domani International Competition

Brazilian director Bernardo Zanotta offers a celebration to the fragility of existence through a melancholic journey on a boat, convening desire, grief and fear of what is coming. In an inventive and powerful succession of tableaux, mixing camp classicism and baroque, “Heart of Hunger” is in between an act of love to his characters and a desperate attempt to capture them. What remains, is the restless bodies shaken by the water, on a sunny morning after the battle.

Tizian Büchi  ·  programmer


Born in 1996 in Porto Alegre, Bernardo Zanotta is a Brazilian filmmaker and visual artist based in Amsterdam who obtained his BA in Moving Image from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. His films have been screened and awarded at festivals such as Locarno, Queer Lisboa and Vilnius, amongst others, and streamed on platforms such as Kinoscope.


Hinke-Ann Eleveld , Angelos Messios , Andy Smart


Nia Konstantinova, Bernardo Zanotta


Raydrick Feliciana


Sjors Hoogerdijk


Bernardo Zanotta


Leandro Lefa


Hinke-Ann Eleveld


Bernardo Zanotta


Bernardo Zanotta (bernardozanotta@gmail.com www.bernardozanotta.nl)

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