Je sors acheter des cigarettes

by Osman Cerfon

#03 /23 | available until February 9


(I’m Going Out for Cigarettes) France  ·  2018  ·  DCP  ·  Color  ·  13'  ·  o.v. French

Twelve-year-old Jonathan lives with his sister, his mother, and also a some men. They all look the same and nest in closets, drawers, and the TV set…

Winner of the Medien Patent Verwaltung AG Prize 2018 for the Pardi di domani International competition

Director Osman Cerfon has created a transgenerational animated film that moves as much as it destabilizes. Adopting a graphic design that he himself defines as "stylized realism", the filmmaker manages to create a feeling of unease and elements of weirdness in a world rooted in everyday life. He thus succeeds in evoking absence and obsessions in a very original way.

Charlotte Corchète  ·  programmer


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After studying graphic design and attending the École supérieure d’Art de Lorraine – Épinal, Osman Cerfon completed his studies at La Poudrière in Valence. There he directed Tête-à-tête (2007), his graduation film. He subsequently worked on different projects as a screenwriter and technician, for production companies like Folimage and Jesuisbiencontent. The latter produced the two installments of Chroniques de la Poisse (2010 and 2012).


Théan Van de Voorde , Manon Bresch , Delphine Rollin , Valentin Gevraise


Emmanuel-Alain Raynal, Pierre Baussaron


Osman Cerfon


Albane du Plessix, Catherine Madenise

Sound design

Pierre Sauze


Théan Van de Voorde, Manon Bresch, Delphine Rollin, Valentin Gevraise


Capucine Latrasse, Remi Schaepman, Quentin Marcault, Valentin Stoll


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