The Last Post Office

by Aung Rakhine

#04 /23 | available until February 10


Bangladesh  ·  2018  ·  DCP  ·  Color  ·  17'  ·  o.v. Bengali

On the edge of Bangladesh, between mountains and water, stands a post-office, the only sign of civilization. It has a notorious reputation: its employees disappear. Two men, in love with each other, work there.

Selected in the Open Doors shorts progam 2018

In what seems to be a dream-like post office, lost in time and space, set on the edge of water surrounded by mountains, lies a secret nobody knows. People who work here, also disappear. “The Last Post Office” tells an allegorical fable of two men who work and share their everyday life in a post office, two men who are also in love with each other. 

Delphine Jeanneret  ·  programmer


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Aung Rakhine is one of the aspiring indigenous filmmakers who are, despite of various barriers, fighting hard to come out with their own stories. My Bicycle is Aung’s first feature film, and the first feature film to be made in an indigenous language in Bangladesh.


Shariar Ferdous Shazeeb , Ashok Bepari , Ashish Khondker


Rubaiyat Hossain


Ashique Mostafa, Aadnan Imtiaz Ahmed


Barkat Hossain Palash


Rajib Rafi


Mohammad Quamruzzaman

Sound design

Ripon Nath


Sujan Mahmud, Shariful Islam Shaon


Khona Talkies (info@khonatalkies.com)

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