by Yalda Afsah

#06 /23 | available until February 12


Germany  ·  2018  ·  DCP  ·  Color  ·  14'  ·  o.v. No Dialogue

The short movie Tourneur documents a bull fight in the South of France and comments in a subtle manner the disparity between the young, adrenaline rushed participants and the physically superior bull, which gets cornered by the participants. The unpredictability of the situation is increased by foam, which affects the view of the participants and the audience therefore, the encounter of humans and animal seem like an alienation in this abstract landscape of foam.

Selected in the Pardi di domani International competition 2018

To be a "tourneur" means to be the one who diverts the bull's attention. By adopting a style that is at once documentary but very plastic, by paying great attention to the off-screen and by managing to give a fantastic side to objects and moments of daily life (the night, the foam), the artist and filmmaker Yalda Afsah plunges us into the universe of the Camargue bullfighting, which is both minimalist and surrealist at the same time.

Charlotte Corchète  ·  programmer


Yalda Afsah grew up in Berlin. She studied at the Berlin University of the Arts, at the Art Academy Burg Giebichenstein in Halle and at the California Institute of the Arts. She has received several awards and scholarships for her artistic work. In 2018, she received a scholarship from the Karl Schmidt-Rottluff scholarship program and has been a participant in the BPA//Berlin Program for Artists. She lives and works in Berlin.


Yalda Afsah


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Steffen Martin


Yalda Afsah


Yalda Afsah (yaldaafsah@alum.calarts.edu www.yaldaafsah.com)

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