by Lanka Bandaranayake

#10 /23 | available until February 16


Sri Lanka  ·  2016  ·  DCP  ·  Color  ·  11'  ·  o.v. Sinhalese

An old woman adorns a bride with traditional Sri Lankan jewelry, describing the symbolic meaning of every piece. These meanings bring the girl back to her past relationships and the scars they left. And suddenly, her future seems somewhat elusive.

Selected in the Open Doors shorts progam 2018

The weight of tradition are the jewels and the commitment a wife own to her husband. In Lanka Bandaranayake’s film, men are complaining about their passive, sad, lazy, childish wives while a young bride silently listens to the traditional advice of an elderly woman. “Tradition” is a testimony of contemporary women's struggles to survive in a male dominated society.

Delphine Jeanneret  ·  programmer


Lanka Bandaranayake was born in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. She started her artistic career as an actress in 1998. Since then she has won several acting and costume designing national awards. Later she became an award winning drama producer and director. Her first short film "Tradition” was produced in 2016. It was screened at over 40 national and international film festivals followed by several awards. Her second short film “The Mirror” was produced in 2018.


Irangani Serasingha , Kalum Gamlath , Sameera Lakmal , Nilanka Dahanayaka , Arunod Wijesinha , Kalana Jayanath , Anjana Premarathna , Rajeev Ananda


Lanka Bandaranayake

Executive producer

Ransiri Perera


Vishwajith Karunarathna


Sumudu Guruge


Lanka Bandaranayake


Sankha Malwaththa


Sankha Malwaththa


Eleithya Productions (lankabandaranayake@ymail.com)

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