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As Tulapop Saenjaroen’s A Room with a Coconut View, included in this selection of films, the Locarno Shorts Weeks images are not sea views, but rather coconut views. The sea is ever-present, but sometimes outside of the frame, sometimes behind the coconuts. A curious spectator will be willing to see it, to hear it, to imagine it, to interpret it, to move towards it. Be it the south or north seas, gulfs, straits or oceans, worldwide home screens are able to jump on the ship of the Locarno Shorts Weeks and navigate through a wide variety of imagined realities and possibilities during the month of February. To quote the opening film’s title, Elena López Riera’s Swiss Golden Pardino winner, Those Who Desire are able to immerse themselves in particular and unique places and times, discovered and presented by emerging worldwide filmmakers.

Starting from February 1st, a total of 23 short films included in Locarno Film Festival’s 2018 line-up is presented in the scheme of a new film every day, each one being available for streaming for free in the online platform for a week. This year’s initiative has expanded from the Pardi di domani, Locarno Film Festival’s main shorts section, and the 2020 Locarno Shorts Weeks are an even more heterogeneous space, offering too films from Open Doors (dedicated to South Asia in 2018) and Signs of Life, which has been reshaped last year into the Moving Ahead section.

So rather than spending time trying to go through the excluding algorithms of giant VOD platforms that are trying to shape the audience’s needs and desires according to their own industrial products, one can choose to get lost in the niche algorithms created by these 23 filmmakers’ minds: the neural network narrative of Mikhail Maksimov’s Smert Menya, the mapped spaces and imagined encounters of Nathan Douglas’ La Cartographe, the dances from fiction to reality and back of Emmanuel Marre’s International Golden Pardino winner D'un chateâu l'autre, the transcendental images of David Pirtskhalava’s Sashleli or the subversive and uncanny ways that filmmakers such as Israeli Alon Sahar (Out), Bangladeshi Aung Rakhine (The Last Post Office) and Pakistani Hamza Bagash (Dia) had to find in order to deal with delicate socio-political subjects in their respective countries – just to mention a few. Enjoy the screenings!


1 | 2      Los que desean  ·  Elena López Riera
             Switzerland, Spain  ·  24'
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2 | 2      A Room with a Coconut View
             Tulapop Saenjaroen  ·  Thailand  ·  29'
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3 | 2      Je sors acheter des cigarettes
             Osman Cerfon  ·  France  ·  13'
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4 | 2      The Last Post Office  ·  Aung Rakhine
             Bangladesh  ·  17'
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5 | 2      Sashleli  ·  Davit Pirtskhalava
             Georgia  ·  18'
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6 | 2      Tourneur  ·  Yalda Afsah
             Germany  ·  14'
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7 | 2      La Cartographe  ·  Nathan Douglas
             Canada  ·  34'
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8 | 2      Heart of Hunger  ·  Bernardo Zanotta
             Netherlands  ·  29'
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9 | 2      Reneepoptosis  ·  Renee Zhan
             USA, Japan  ·  9'
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10 | 2    Tradition  ·  Lanka Bandaranayake
             Sri Lanka  ·  11'
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11 | 2    Ici le chemin des ânes  ·  Lou Rambert Preiss
             Switzerland  ·  22'
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12 | 2    A Cold Summer Night  ·  Yash Sawant
             India  ·  21'
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13 | 2    Veslemøy’s Song  ·  Sofia Bohdanowicz
             Canada  ·  9'
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14 | 2    The Silence of the Dying Fish
             Vasilis Kekatos  ·  Greece, France  ·  19'
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15 | 2    La máxima longitud de un puente
             Simón Vélez  ·  Colombia, Argentina  ·  13'
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16 | 2    Sorkhe tirah  ·  Diana Saqeb
             Afghanistan  ·  20'
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17 | 2    Le Discours d’acceptation glorieux de 
            Nicolas Chauvin
  ·  Benjamin Crotty
             France  ·  26'
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18 | 2    Smert Menya ·  Mikhail Maksimov
             Russia  ·  12'
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19 | 2    Kaukazas  ·  Laurynas Bareiša
             Lithuania  ·  14'
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20 | 2    Circuit  ·  Delia Hess
             Switzerland  ·  8'
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21 | 2    Dia  ·  Hamza Bangash
             Pakistan, United Kingdom  ·  24'
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22 | 2    Out  ·  Alon Sahar
             Israel  ·  27'
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23 | 2    D’un château l’autre  ·  Emmanuel Marre
             Belgium, France  ·  40'
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