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Last Year When the Train Passed by is the title of Huang Pang-Chuan’s short film that was a part of Locarno Film Festival’s Pardi di domani 2018 selection. In that film, the director was coming back to the Taiwanese countryside to interview people living along the train tracks he travelled through a year back. He would show them an image of their house, and would ask them whether they remember what they were doing in that exact moment, when the image was taken. Once again, the eternal and beautiful metaphor of the train as the vehicle of cinema, the carrier of memories.

Locarno Shorts Weeks would be our answer to Pang’s question – what were we doing (at the Locarno Film Festival) a year (and a half) ago – in august 2017? Watching these films that will be inhabiting the Festival’s website for the following weeks, worldwide. We were traveling different corners of the world through images created on film stock, digital memory cards or with various animation techniques. Images that explore the transformative potential of the landscape through cinema and time in Pia Borg’s Silica; images that question its own nature and their transmission in times of the Internet in Corey Hughes’ Cuban indescribable adventure Armageddon 2; and the more personal and intimate proposals of both international Pardino winners – Cristina Haneș’ António and Catarina, which penetrates directly into the strange and hypnotic relationship between the filmed subject and the filmmaker, and Miki Polonski’s Shmama, a delicate piece of great acting and precise mise-en-scène that definitely announces a leopard of tomorrow.

As if we were in the middle of Chris Marker’s Sans soleil fragmented narrative (from which the abovementioned Silica borrows its specific third-person voice over), we jump from one corner of the world to another in a journey of diverse subjects, shapes, landscapes and points-of-view: from the arid Australian south to San Antonio de Palenque, the first free town in the Americas; from black-and-white Thai woods to the trails of colonialism in the Canary Islands; from the Aletsch Glacier to Brooklyn... Visions that emerge from the darkness of the night in Ella’s Men, only to reveal an image of the unexpected when the lights come back on – and move towards the unknown. May these films echo in your memories and make you wish to come back to them, as the images and the music from Somalia resonate in Tommaso Donati’s Locarno Shorts Weeks-closing film A Song from the Future. Buona visione!


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14.02   Agvarim Shel Ella, Oren Adaf - Israel - 19’   add to calendar

15.02   Das satanische Dickicht - DREI, Willy Hans - Germany - 22’   add to calendar

16.02   Plus Ultra, Helena Girón, Samuel M. Delgado - Spain - 13’   add to calendar

17.02   59 Secondes, Mauro Carraro - Switzerland / France - 15’   add to calendar

18.02   Armageddon 2, Corey Hughes - Cuba - 5’   add to calendar

19.02   Silica, Pia Borg - Australia / United Kingdom - 22’   add to calendar

20.02   Harbour, Stefanie Kolk - Netherlands - 13’   add to calendar

21.02   Parades, Sarah Arnold - France / Switzerland - 27’   add to calendar

22.02   Douggy, Matvey Fiks - USA / Russia - 19’   add to calendar

23.02   Villa Ventura, Roman Hüben - Switzerland - 26’   add to calendar

24.02   Shmama, Miki Polonski - Israel - 26’   add to calendar

25.02   Fine di un amore, Alberto Tamburelli - Italy - 10’   add to calendar

26.02   Edge of Alchemy, Stacey Steers - USA - 19’   add to calendar

27.02   Les Intranquilles, Magdalena Froger - Switzerland - 13’   add to calendar

28.02   Palenque, Sebastián Pinzón-Silva - Colombia - 27’   add to calendar

01.03   Les histoires vraies, Lucien Monot - Switzerland - 22’   add to calendar

02.03   Song X, Mont Tesprateep - Thailand - 20’   add to calendar

03.03   Rewind Forward, Justin Stoneham - Switzerland - 24’   add to calendar

04.03   Zhizn' Moego Druga, Alexander Zolotukhin - Russia - 22’   add to calendar

05.03   Los perros de Amundsen, Rafael Ramírez - Cuba - 27’   add to calendar

06.03   Boomerang, David Bouttin - France - 20’   add to calendar

07.03   Crossing River, Yumeng Han - China - 19’   add to calendar

08.03   Resistance, Laurence Favre - Switzerland - 11’   add to calendar

09.03   Vypusk ’97, Pavlo Ostrikov - Ukraine - 19’   add to calendar

10.03   António e Catarina, Cristina Haneș - Portugal - 40’   add to calendar

11.03   Haine Negre, Octav Chelaru - Romania - 21’   add to calendar

12.03   A song from the future, Tommaso Donati - Switzerland - 17’   add to calendar

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