Sunday, March 18th

Family film: Il mio vicino Totoro

Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Japan • 1988 • color • 87’
Italian version

Cinema GranRex, Locarno
0.00 am 
Free entrance

In collaboration with Cinemagia

The sisters Satsuki and Mei move to the countryside to spend the summer: while playing they will meet Totoro, a spirit of Nature.


Sunday, March 18th


Workshop with Antonella Lattanzi

PalaCinema, Locarno
10.00 AM
Free entrance

Limited number workshop, please subscribe via e-mail:


Sunday, March 18th


Encounter: Una storia nera

Biblioteca Cantonale, Locarno
4.00 PM
Free entrance

Reading and discussion with Antonella Lattanzi, moderated by Journalist Moira Bubola (RSI, Rete Due).


Sunday, March 18th


Film: Les Gardiennes

Director: Xavier Beauvois
France/Switzerland • 2017 • DCP • color • 134’
o.v. French • s.t. German

Cinema GranRex, Locarno
6.00 PM
Entrance CHF 10

1915: women replaced husbands in field work. When Hortense (Baye) takes on the young Francine (Iris Bry), the girl believes she has found a family. But when you come back from the front, things get complicated.



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